1 The Beach

The most important element of Pacific Beach is the beach. The majesty and sheer power of the Pacific Ocean is a wonderful experience no matter what the weather.

At its best on the sunniest of days you can enjoy it in your swimsuit, splashing around in the tempid Ocean, at the other extreme when Mother Nature is expressing itself to be on the beach to have the waves crash in and the wind howl in your ears is quite an experience.

2 Kite Flying

Make no bones about it, the wind can blow on the coast. This makes it ideal for Kite Flying, there is a kite shop in town called the Hi-Flyers Kite shop (55 Main Street) and every September (11-13th in 2009) there is the 'Up your wind Kite Festival', no matter what the month, it is usually possible to get your kite out to fly.

3 Beach Combing

Due to the stormy nature of this part of the coast, there are some great treasures to be found on the beach, it can provide a educational walk for the younsters as they come accross Sand Dollars, shells, crabs and Jelly fish to name a few.

4 Razor Clamming

On numerous days throughout the year, it is possible to go Razor Clamming on the beach. Pacific Beach is one of only a few that open up for such an event. I tried clamming for the first time recently and couldn't believe how much fun it was, not to mention how hard! You are limited to 15 clams and a license is required, this can be bought at the two stores in town. Check out the link below for the latest information on the season:

5 Indoor Swimming Pool & Hot Tub

A half mile to the north of the cottage is the Ocean Crest Resort, the resort offers public access to their Swimming Pool and hot tub. Their rates are only $5 a day if you buy a pack of six day passes. What is great about this deal is that they allow you to come and go throughout the day for no additional charge. The charge without the six pack is $10 per person.

6 Coffee Shop

Nestled at the back of the home decor boutique is a cute little coffee shop. Opened a couple of years ago it provides a perfect respite, serving all the usual beverages and they compliment them well with a selection of home baked goods. They have great cinnamon rolls that can be ordered ahead of time so they are ready for group in the morning! YUM!

7 Seabrook

A mile and a half south of the cottage is Seabrook. Undoubtedly the jewel in the region. An ambitious endeavor to bring beautiful acrchitectural splendor to the area. The community now totals over 100 properties. It is well worth taking a walk around the town to marvel at the quality; pair it with a meal at their bistro and it provides a good couple of hours of entertainment.

8 Bowling & Movies

The Naval Recreational Resort, a mere 300 yard walk from the house, not only has a restaurant and bar, but it also has a small bowling alley that it opens to the public. They also show movies at select times, it is worth popping in there to check out the latest showing.

9 Browse the Shops

Pacific beach does not have too many shops, but what they do have make for an interesting selection. A candy shop, antique shop,an art gallery, home decor boutique, kite shop, home improvement shop / used book store. It provides a opportunity to relax when the beach has you exhausted.

10 Moclips Museum

The Moclips museum is a non-profit run by volunteers, memorializing the history of the region, located a mile north of the cottage it is open weekends during the winter 11am - 4pm. Between May and October it is open Thursday through Monday (11 am - 4pm). Worth a visit to get an insight into yesteryear.

11 Playgrounds

With the kids in mind, Pacific Beach has three good parks for the kiddos to run around. One at the school in town and two in the Naval Station facilities, one opposite the house and the other on the east side of the street, half way to town.