Pacific Beach - History and Information
The town has a rich history, the area was occupied by Quinault Indians until the first settlers arrived in 1863, tourism soon flourished and by 1906 when the Pacific Beach Hotel was constructed it was regarded as one of the Northwest’s most romantic getaways.

The town developed on the back of tourism, hunting and logging, the landscape changed in WWII when the Navy and Air Force converted the hotel into a regional headquarters, and have since used the facility for training and as a Radar Station. The Navy disestablished the location in 1987 and now operates a recreation facility that offers accommodation to government personnel with a bar, restaurant and a bowling alley which is open to the public.

The town is now re-establishing itself as a tourist destination, with vast beautiful sandy beaches, and some of the most delightful bluffs laden with Douglas Fir, it is recapturing it's former glory as a premier Northwest destination.

The town has two grocery stores, a post office, gas station and two coffee shops as well as a number of stores which sell a multitude of things. The second coffee shop doubles as the local kite shop, a home improvement store,the Wacky Warehouse,where you can usually find the owner playing the piano, as well as a couple of antique stores and a home decoration store.

The cottage is located ½ a mile north of the heart of Pacific Beach in a tranquil setting that looks west towards the ocean a quarter of a mile away. The sound of the ocean can be heard as the power of the pacific crashes onto the beach below the bluff.

The beach can be reached by either going south through the town (0.6 mile) or to the north down a beach access (0.3 mile). You can either walk or drive to either access point, the advantage of the northerly access point is that it provides access to drive your vehicle onto year round. The southerly access provides the advantage of taking you through the town where you can enjoy the local shops and restaurants. We love to grab a coffee before heading to the beach for a long stroll.